Main Courses

Fish of the day with a cream or Butter sauce

Fish Provencal with a Bouillabase Sauce

Smoked Haddock with Pesto and horseradish sauce

Smoked Trout with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and A White wine dill Sauce

Cod with Black olives and tomato


Chicken with a Watercress sauce

Chicken with Bacon and  Herb butter sauce

Chicken with Wild mushrooms


Pork with Cider and Bacon

Smoked ham with a mustard Sauce

Roast Belly pork with garlic and chilli


Lamb with Red wine and a mint hollandiase

Lamb with olives and garlic

Lamb with Baked garlic and a Rosemary, Redcurrant and port sauce

Lamb with mushrooms, lemon and Worcester sauce


Beef with a Red wine and shallot sauce

Beef with guinness and pea and béarnaise tarts


Duck with a Black cherry sauce


Pheasant with Sherry and Thyme